The World

The World of Terra

“Of the various histories given in our day and age, we only have what we have today as a result of the greatest of sacrifices: in blood, in sweat, in tears, and—probably chiefest of all of them—time.”

Prof. Wilhelm Bastiat,
Univ. of Wexholm

Not much is known of the ancient history of this world we live on. What we know is based on what we can readily observe, and the keen sight of seasoned professionals whose study is toward things of an ancient and bygone nature; and what we have heard in fairy tale and myth. It is on this point upon which shall be expounded what is known so far in the interim of the history of this earth.

The Observable Place of this World
This world, which is named Terra, and the history of those that have dwelt upon it can be relatively deduced from the effects of the past upon it. Of all the various cultures and histories that have dominated the living spectrum of this earth, and across the vast and various continents that tell such a stark and observable tale of such histories, none is more foreboding, ominous, and prevalent to the naked eye than The Rift.

Without a doubt, The Rift is to the observer both a stark telling of this earth’s violent past, and an utter mystery. Wrapping around the planet in a large, scar-like swath, this mar tells of something massive and horrible that utterly changed the world into what we know and see today. It’s shape and scope approaches the absurdly incomprehensible—for how can common man or his free kin look upon such a dire landmark and strive with failure to visualize such a horrid and incalculable thing? Yet here it stands with jagged and misshapen mountains through the ocean and across the continents as a stark reminder of the violence of this earth’s past.

What does it tell the observer, then? Besides that this earth reeled to and fro as a drunken man in such horrendous violence at the movement of such a shape and creature, if creature it could be called; there is not much else. Studies have shown that the ancient past of this world was a rather magical one, with faey races and peoples populating the landscapes, and magicks of all sorts being practiced at all levels of society. Creatures of faey and magical origin also roamed and walked the earth, and many even came from existential planes beyond the material existential plane of this world. At least, that is what has been deduced by scientists, archaeologists, and anthropologists the world over.