Domains of Iron: Legend of the Old Gods

Elbion and the Dernhelm Mountains
Domains of Iron

From natural 20s on Perception rolls to autoerroticasphyxiation…..don’t ask… was a great game! Here’s the synopsis below:

Our party, such that it was, was invited one by one into Mr. Luther’s office. First, it was Hikaru Kenta who’d found himself drunk in an alleyway. He and Luther had a long talk about the Rhen Autarchy, and should there be any leaders in Elbion airspace for Hikaru to snipe them and take them out. Hikaru agreed to this arrangement.

Next it was Thorin Voidscales. He and Mr. Luther had a great deal of a conversation about dragons and…The Rend. After accepting to go on the expedition, Mr. Luther dismissed Thorin and let him go.

Finally, it was Alastair’s turn to meet with Mr. Luther. They discussed dragons and treasure, and Alastair expressed his enthusiasm for this next expedition!

The Party got on their way in the airship (known as The Outlook). As they traveled, they spotted another sky whale, but instead of a placid, tranquil scene they saw it in its death throes with harpoon rounds sticking out of its bulbous body in every direction! It was dying. It is said that to see a sky whale living while flying the open skies is to bring immeasurable good luck, but to see one dying brings immeasurable bad luck!

Behind the sky whale was another bulbous, ramshackle galleon style airship with spikes sticking up all over it. It began to charge the Outlook with the purpose of puncturing the zeppelin carrying the gondola, and crash it. With some quick whit and piloting prowess, Alastair barely managed to maneuver the Outlook out of the way of the oncoming enemy vessel, but not without sustaining heavy damage to the bottom of the hull of the gondola. One of the large spikes on the enemy craft raked the bottom of the Outlook’s gondola, tearing a gaping hole there. As a result, the Party lost half of their supplies. Nevertheless, they were still airborne, and could out-maneuver the galleon, flying at altitudes much higher than the enemy vessel could hope to achieve!

Hikaru, secured to the inside of the gondola with a rope around his waist, took aim down at the enemy airship, and fired. He took out the captain who was stupidly piloting the galleon out in the open. The crew lost their nerve, and got another to pilot the vessel away.

Two days had passed, and on the third day, the Party was flanked by two Rhen Autarchy heavy warships—one on the starboard side, and one on the port side. The one on the starboard side signaled for the Outlook to stop because they were in restricted airspace. Alastair took the initiative and signaled back, wanting to know why the area was restricted. The Rhen Autarchy ship replied that it would board the Outlook for inspection of goods and receipt of permits.

When the Rhenese airship boarded up with the Outlook, the captain, his first mate, and several other crew members came on board. They began questioning Alastair and Thorin about their business, and their permits. Thorin was honest and told the captain that we were on an expedition to the Dernhelm Mountains in Elbion. Alastair tried to look for any permits, but couldn’t find them. He tried to forge some, but was unsuccessful.

The Rhenese crewmen began inspecting the ship, and one came across the crate that Hikaru was hiding in. With all the moxy he could muster, he intimidated the man into walking away, pretending like he didn’t see anything, and that there was no conversation. The man did walk away, and kept silent about the whole ordeal.

The Rhenese, empathetic to the plight of the Party’s airship, let them know of a skyway 20 miles west of their position where they could rest and do repairs. The captain, however, demanded that we not fly any further, but return back to where we came from.

Alastair whispered to the first mate if he’d like a promotion, and the man affirmed. Under the guise of walking the captain back to his ship, Alastair shoved him off of the plank linking the two ships together, causing him to fall to his death! Before the crew members of the Rhen Autarchy could react and fight back at the sudden loss of their captain, the first mate (now newly-promoted captain) called them off, ordering them to return to their ship, honoring the deal he made with Alastair.

Thus, the Rhen Autarchy ships moved on, and the Outlook could continue on its journey.

That, my friends, is the synopsis of this past Saturday’s game. It was a lot of fun! Look forward to the next one with the rest of you!

—DM Andrew

Return to Alwyn Free Cantonry and the Horde
Domains of Iron

Tonight’s game was a smaller group. It worked out though, because it was the three sneakiest/investigative-heavy people of our party. At least as far as I think things go! Anyway, here’s the synopsis of the game below:

Our party finished their business in Wuxia, boarded the airship, and set sail back to the AFC. The only person that stayed behind was Trident, who decided to remain in Wuxia. It was an uneventful three-days’ journey through the sky, and along the way we saw some sky whales that floated through the air, gracing our eyes with their majestic presence! It is said that if sky sailors see the whales in open daylight, they bring immeasurable good luck.

The Party arrived in Alwyn Free Cantonry, and got settled in. We met with Luther and begrudgingly told him the troubles we had with the expedition. He paid us 30 gp each, and gave us our next assignment: spy on his competition Chatworth Acquisitions, Inc., and find any documents relating to treasure. He told the Party in three days there would be a job fair where we would go as pretend job seekers and try to find out what we could, infiltrate the offices of Chatworth Acquisitions, and find those documents.

Roderick and Luther had dinner over a sale Roderick was making for upgrading all of Luther’s automatons. The pitch went well when Roderick took Luther to his shop and showed off his creations, and Luther and he cut a deal.

Alastair also investigated the hiring paperwork on Drake, as well as the Chatsworth Acquisitions history for any dirt he could find on the owner, Rue Billings.

Three days went by and the day of the job fair came. There were several tables and booths set up outside the Chatsworth Acquisitions offices, and our party members inquired around at the different tables “looking for work”. Ragnar the dwarf (Rodrick), was looking for work at the company as a blacksmith. Sarah Buely (Ruby) also showed up, a B Class sailor in Luther’s employ, looking for work on one of Chatsworth’s new airships. Alastair was looking to be a private investigator for the company as well. Eventually, the three made their way into the building for a tour with the guard Jackson, and to meet with the lead hiring officer, Mr. Hunterdon.

Some confusion arose when they got to the hiring officer, as Sarah was the only one who had her application paperwork ready. Ragnar indicated he couldn’t write (although he can read), and asked if an exception could be made on his behalf. Mr. Hunterdon left for several minutes to ask his superior regarding paperwork. Jackson also left to get an application for Alastair.

During that time, Sarah and Alastair began rifling through documents in the office, while Ragnar kept watch outside. They found a few dozen applications for hired muscle at the company, and this seemed to dominate the recent candidates. Ragnar knocked on the door to indicate someone was coming, so Sarah quickly pulled the papers back together and sat down to wait. All of a sudden, Alastair grabbed her and pulled her into a kiss on the desk, atop all the messed up papers!

Mr. Hunterdon pushed the door open to this scene, and asked what in the heck was going on. Sarah hurriedly pushed Alastair off of her, claiming to not want to taint the love and memory of her recently departed late-fiance. At that point, Alastair left the room and Ragnar had Jackson take him on a tour of the building, while Sarah had her interview.

Ragnar’s tour of the building did lead to finding a room dedicated to prior and upcoming expeditions. He found documents relating to a treasure hoard in Elbion. Committing the information to memory, he left with Jackson who was none the wiser.

Alastair made his way up to the 2nd floor, and was confronted by a dwarvish guard. He smooth talked his way out of the situation, by deducing that the man was a drinker, who often drank on the job, and gave him some advice for getting support for his problem. Alastair then asked the dwarf if he could then find the Lead Investigator, but learned that he was dead and the position was now vacant. After leaving the guard, he unlocked a door to an office and discovered a file containing information on rumors of dragons in the Northern mountain range of Dernhelm in Elbion. He pocketed the file and all the corresponding paperwork before he made his way out.

After all of that, the three of them eventually made their way back outside. Sarah left, and Ruby showed up about 30 minutes later, meeting with Ragnar. Alastair approached, and the three discussed some of the happenings during their time in the building. They eventually made their way to a tavern and turned in for the night, with plans to bring their information to Mr. Luther in the morning.

The Totem of Hateshiganai Pt. V
Domains of Iron

What a game! What a game! What a game, guys! I had a lot of fun, and I hope you did too. Here’s the recap below.

Our party of heroes has defeated the most recent band of kenku, and are now rallying for the final battle. They decided to go forward and fight!

Upon arriving at the vicinity of the next camp, our heroes were blocked by a huge wave of smoke. Thorin released his drone into the air and it surveyed the area, looking for the source of the smoke. It found it in the form of a small-ish forest fire that was raging several yards east of their position. The party debated and discussed what their next course of action should be, and arrived at the decision to split the party up. Trident and Alastair would go to the airship and provide cover fire from the air. Azanadar, Armella, and Ruby would go up and around the flames to flank the enemy from the north. Thorin, Rodrick, and Hikaru would blow a hole in the flames temporarily so that they could pass through and flank from the south.

Trident and Alastair nearly ran into some traps, but were able to dodge them and salvage parts from said traps. Azandar, Ruby, and Armella got caught in traps twice trying to navigate through the smoke. Rodrick, Hikaru, and Thorin crafted a thermite grenade and prepared themselves to blow the hole in the flames. Having finally freed themselves, Azandar, Ruby, and Armella crossed the threshold and made it to the camp. Alastair and Trident piloted the airship over to where the camp was. The bomb was set, and Hikaru took the shot. All bedlam broke loose! The airship dropped a huge net down on the unsuspecting kenku below, and Rodrick threw a thermite grenade on top of them, killing almost every single bird. Armella went and freed the prisoners, and a small boy clung to her leg.

The last remaining tent stood amidst the wreckage of the camp, and inside was a cowering woman. Trident disembarked from the airship and went into the tent. She grabbed the woman by the hair and began asking questions. Unfortunately, the woman was powerful with magic, and entangled Trident in a mess of vines and roots, choking her. The rest of the group came in and combat ensued! When the lady was finally defeated, Hikaru planted his foot on her back and had his revolver leveled at her. Trident, now free of the vines and roots, searched her body and found a note that read “Im Sommer gehen die Vögel zu kaltem Wasser und singen.” Suddenly, the lady came to, her arm dislocating and disjointing grotesquely behind her, and grabbing Hikaru by the ankle, threw him off of her, slamming him into Rodrick. She got back up, and began to say menacing things to the party in Rhenese, the above language. The party fought and fought, and found out that bullets were ineffective against her. Finally, they knocked her out again, and argued over what should be done. It was decided that she would be burned to ashes.

Azandar had a past with these types of creatures, or soldiers, and explained to Trident that this was a super soldier, and needed to be burned up to nothing in order to fully die. Before that happened, however, Alastair brought the whole of the airship down on top of the woman, crushing her. Thereafter, she was burned to ashes!

Our party returned to the tribal village and Rodrick reported to the chief Hiwa-ki that the kenku had been utterly destroyed. He showed him the marks his father gave him, asking if the chief could figure them out and teach magic to him. The chief said he would try. Suddenly, at that moment, there was a great horn call, like the clear ringing of silver trumpets.

The Hierophant of Tarj, and two of his Paladins on clockwork horseback had shown up to collect Armella. Alastair tried to reason with them, but he was caught in a circle of truth where he could only speak the truth and nothing else. He was hard-pressed to keep the advantage.

And that’s where our game ended. I look forward to seeing how this all plays out next time! See you in several days!

—DM Andrew

The Totem of Hateshiganai Pt. IV
Domains of Iron

What a game yesterday, guys! You all played really well. I keep looking forward to our next games. Here’s a recap of last night’s game below:

We came out of the last battle with kenku licking our wounds and gravely injured—some more than others. After some time spent healing as best we could, we deliberated over whether we should continue, rest, or go back to the tribal village and rest. We decided to go back to the village, get healing, and rest. We went back to the village and were ushered into an enclosure where we laid down. A witch doctor came in and performed a healing spell, and we were healed of all injury and status effects. We then milled about the village for a little bit, exploring and investigating things. Ruby, Armella, and Hikaru made their way down to the arena to investigate and study the strange other-worldly totem further. Suddenly, the urge to do battle overcame all three of them, and they began to attack one another! Hikaru first threw both of his revolvers at Armella and Ruby, but missed. Armella shield-bashed Ruby, knocking her clean off of her feet! Ruby got herself back up and tried to attack Armella with her parasol, but it was ineffective against Armella’s powerful armor. The three characters eventually shook off the effect of the totem, and got themselves out. Other characters came inspecting the commotion, and found out what had happened. All in all, what was at first a terrifying encounter turned into a generally slapstick mess with the three characters trying not to hurt each other!

While we had been licking our wounds out in the forest, we’d devised a plan for the next raid of kenku. We decided it would be a good idea to use a stratagem and disguises to infiltrate and destroy the kenku. Rodrick, the changeling would transform into a kenku, and we would go with him into the next camp, pretending to be charmed by a disguised Rodrick. While we were devising this plan, Trident was out scouting and looking for any signs of the enemy. She heard strange noises coming from the village, and followed them. It sounded like kenku were in the village, but to her chagrin, it was just Rodrick practicing voicing for being a kenku. The group met up, and proceeded into the forest to the next kenku camp.

On our way there, we came upon a stand of trees that was huge and overgrown. It had a carcass hanging from it. We searched around and found out this was a primitive but intricate trap that was spring-loaded. We set the trap off from a distance, and made safe passage through. Later, we came upon another stand of trees where a majestic unicorn came out and revealed itself to us. After a while of being enthralled by what should seemingly be a nonexistent wonder and fairy tale, it spoke to us in our minds, urging us to be on our guards.

Finally, we came upon the second kenku camp. Rodrick as Ripper the kenku spoke with another one of the kenku, Garshuk. He notified Garshuk that he’d charmed our heroes, and wanted to take them to the prison in camp. As we were being escorted, and were about to go into the prison, Garshuk demanded that our weapons be removed. That’s when the fighting broke out, and Azandar fired the first shot, killing one of the kenku. The battle raged on as the kenku tried to throw as much magic as they could at us, but we were resilient. In the end, we defeated the kenku and chased some of them off. Trident made her way into camp and found the kenku leader’s tent. With two powerful blasts from her shotgun, she slew the leader of this particular camp. Here she sat down in his chair upon killing him, having a smoke.

Now that the battle was over, we made our way around camp, looking for any information the kenku might have. Rodrick approached Trident in the leader’s tent, and tried to talk to her about his form and the magic involved in the group. Drama ensued when Trident didn’t answer, and after giving Rodrick the silent treatment, she left the tent. Rodrick was very upset. And that’s where we left off!

Thanks for playing guys! Look forward to our next game in the new year!

—DM Andrew

The Totem of Hateshiganai Pt. III
Domains of Iron

What a great session, guys! I really enjoyed it! You all roleplayed well, and combat was tough but excellent. Here’s a brief recap below:

Our heroes returned the young girl back to the swordsmith in the village of Somatsu, and everyone there now reveres our heroes! We ventured back into the forest, after some deliberation over the map that was found in the kenku camp. The map showed different shapes and symbols representing different areas. We first went to the triangle, which, to our relief, was an abandoned ambush site that the kenku had previously set up. We then retraced our steps back to the edge of the forest, and made our way via a vote to go to the area represented by the star. Once we got there, we suddenly found ourselves beginning to fall into a deep sleep. Before we fell completely asleep, however, we saw a strange creature with a elk’s head and a man’s body approach us, as well as others. It was too late for us to take any actions, as the drowsy sleepiness completely overtook us.

Upon waking, we found ourselves being escorted by the stranger in elk headdress (he was human, apparently), and lead deep into the forest. We found ourselves arriving at a strange and primitive looking village, populated and filled with villagers dressed in similar garb to our escort, whose name we found out was Kai. The name of the tribe, we also found out, was called Ruun. In the center of their village was an ancient coliseum in the center of which was a strange and seemingly out-of-place totem. From there, we were lead to the chief of the village, the wise Hiwa-ki. Once introduced, he spoke to us, and we conversed with him. We asked if our anthropologist James Davenport could study the tribe and their ways, and Hiwa-ki agreed only if we freed the other villages from the kenku scourge. At this point in time, the tribe of Ruun’s village is acting as a refugee camp to other villagers from surrounding areas who are affected by the kenku scourge. We agreed to help him, and set out to the first of the moon phase symbols on the map: the 3/4 phase moon.

We tried to enter the area stealthily, but some did not manage to do so. Rodrick purposefully made noise, and that brought a hailstorm of crossbow bolts into his chest, nearly killing him in one go. Suddenly, all chaos broke loose, and wild magic began to surge everywhere! Hikaru underwent a chaotic transformation where he turned into a large nine-tailed full kitsune, and raged across the battlefield! Kenku strove against our heroes mightily like dragons, and dealt hefty blows with their strange and evil magicks! Nevertheless, our heroes persisted and didn’t give up the fight, killing the majority of the kenku, and chasing off the remainder. Trident got in some murderous shots from her shotgun, killing a couple. Armella smashed another with her powerful mace! Alastair had the guts to engage one of the kenku in hand-to-hand combat! Nevertheless, our heroes were victorious overall, and now they are licking their wounds.

All was not totally well after the battle, however. Hikaru, still a raging kitsune, was uncontrollable, and Rodrick tried to gain control of the situation by transforming into Ruck, the orc. Ruby, having had enough of all of it, put her foot down and demanded that everyone calm down. Racking her shotgun, Trident approached both Ruck and a returned Hikaru, demanding answers. They could only tell her what they knew, and she nearly got in a fight with Azandar. Luckily, everyone calmed down, and the group continues to go forward!

Thanks for playing, guys! Look forward to our next game this coming Saturday, the 9th!

—DM Andrew

The Totem of Hateshiganai Pt. II
The Domains of Iron

What a session, guys! You all roleplayed well, and did your parts to move the story forward.

Just as a recap of the session, here’s how it went:

We began where we left off on the airship and flew for another day or so and arrived at the island of Hateshiganai. We saw the main mountain that dominates this island, Mt. Towa. We also saw that there was a large fishing community along the coast. We finally made it to the hikojo, or nearest aeroport to the nearest town to where our destination lies: at the foot of Mt. Towa. Upon disembarking, Hikaru paid his respects at a local shrine. We all made our way on the road to the nearest town, and came across two very large snakes. Luckily, they weren’t interested in attacking us, but interested in just moving onward.

Eventually, we made our way to town, and came upon the village of Somatsu, where we began to explore and have a look around. A few of us made our way to the izakaya, or tavern, while others made their way to the minshuku, or inn. Rodrick made his way to the saibansho, or courthouse in town to see what was on the bulletin. Alastair began searching around town, starting a new investigation. Ruby, Armella, and James Davenport, our accompanying anthropologist, secured rooms for the night. Azandar made his way to the kenshi, or swordsmith, and asked for a special steel design to be made. A lot of waiting took place. Alastair met Akihiro, and began to ask about the history of the place. He learned that there have been disappearances in this area—one a young reclusive woman a year ago; two a village elder three months ago; and three a little boy a week ago. Trident elected to stay behind with the airship, and guard it. She was eventually attacked by snakes!! Eventually, everyone retired to bed for the evening.

The next morning, everyone made their way downstairs to breakfast. While we were yet in the midst of eating, suddenly the swordsmith came barging into the minshuku, and cried out that someone or something had kidnapped his daughter in the night. A huge investigation took place, and all the clues pointed to the northern Kurai forest, where strange bird-like creatures were kidnapping the villagers. We went into the forest a ways, and came upon a frightening scene: several of these bird-like creatures chanting and surrounding a cage with a young woman in it. We did battle with these creatures, known as Kenku, and found out quickly that they were dabbling into magic!! While we drastically thinned their numbers, they were clever and used their magic to hold us in place and confuse us. Two of our number however—Hikaru and Rodrick—were immune to the effects of the magic. After a fierce battle, and some mind tricks by Rodrick, we came out of the battle successful. The young woman was rescued, and we began to return to town. We interrogated one of the Kenku, and found out that the reclusive young woman who disappeared a year ago is now controlling the Kenku. What will our heroes do? How will they solve this dark riddle? And what of their original quest: to find the Totem of Hateshiganai? Will they locate it? Find out next time!

There’s our recap for the night! Hope it was helpful! I will try to do this after every game. Have a great Thanksgiving, guys!

—DM Andrew

All Shops Catalog

Hi guys!

Here’s a link to a cool shop list for 5e. Each shop is listed with sell/buy prices, and also what kind of towns stock said items. There’s a normal version and a printer friendly version. Enjoy!

New Adventure!

I’m stoked for the next game, guys! I had a lot of fun with this one, being at the festival and everything. You guys roleplayed great! Keep it up! This next game, we deal with experience rewards/leveling up. Looking forward to it!

—DM Andrew

Next game is coming up!

Looking forward to this upcoming game, folks! Be excited! Be veeeeeery excited! It’s gonna be fun as we continue through this dungeon crawl. Thanks so much for joining me!

— DM Andrew

New Dungeon

Just got done creating a new dungeon for the next adventure! It’ll be after the current one we’re on. Excited as always, and looking forward to our next game! See you all soon!

—DM Andrew


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