Paladin of the Conclave of Tarj

Paladin of the Conclave of Tarj

Tenets of Verity

The tenets of the Oath of Verity revolve around upholding truth and realism (pragmatism) over all else. Paladins who take this oath hold themselves to revealing and spreading the truth of Tarj everywhere they go—exposing untruth in themselves and in society as a whole.

Strict honesty. Paladins under the Oath of Verity are to tell the truth, whether it be publicly or privately. They are to be honest in all their dealings with themselves and their fellow men. It means abolishing lies, deceit, and half-truth from oneself and society.
True unity. Paladins under the Oath of Verity will always strive to keep unity through peace in society. Through peaceful means, Paladins of Tarj will strive to rectify conflicts, ease tensions, and resolve contentions. Not all issues can resolved peaceably, so it may be necessary to utilize force, but the Paladin of Tarj will always strive to be swift and just when force is necessary.
Unfettered Pragmatism. Paladins under the Oath of Verity are rational and practical in their thinking, judgement, and decision-making. Careful, methodical, and empirical thought must be put into all actions. A Paladin of Tarj under this Oath will not let their feelings or emotions dominate their thinking and actions. The most reasonable and sensible answer to any conflict, obstacle, or question is the best answer.
One God. There is only One God, and His ways are Holy and Just. There shall be no worship or adulation of any but Him. Paladins under the Oath of Verity are to rid the world of the worship of false and profane gods of any sort.
Unspoken Fifth Tenet: Magic is Forbidden. While it is not spoken of or openly taught, Paladins of Tarj, upon taking the Oath of Verity take that oath to never use magic, and to subdue its use in society and the world.

Paladin Level Alchemic Materials

3rd Alchemic Circle of Truth
(Zone of Truth)
5th Sanctuary Missile, Powder Pipe of Dispel Magic
(Sanctuary), (Dispel Magic)
9th Potion of Lesser Restoration, Bane Powder
(Lesser Restoration), (Bane)
13th Oculus of True Seeing, Hold Person Explosive
(True Seeing), (Hold Person)
17th Flame Missile
(Flame Strike)

Sacred Weapon. Upon taking your Oath at 3rd level, a weapon of your choice is imbued with alchemic positive energy. For one minute, you add your Charisma modifier to attack rolls made with that weapon (to a maximum bonus of +1). Additionally, the weapon emits bright light at a 20 ft. radius, and dim light 20 ft. beyond that. The effect ends when you sheath/put away your weapon, or when you fall unconscious.

Steam-Powered Vehicle. At 6th level, a Paladin of the Conclave of Tarj is supplied a two-person steam-powered vehicle of their choice.

Paladin of the Conclave of Tarj

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