(Use the SRD Rogue from the PHB, and add the below)

Some rogues slip in unseen, others strike from the shadows, the marksman prefers to camp out and pick Dungeons and Dragonsof his target from a distance.


At 3rd level a marksman takes the step to fully dedicating them self to firearms as their weapon of choice gain proficiency in pistols, muskets and gun smithing tools and can craft firearms, gunpowder, and bullets in half the time.

-Dead Eye

Being a master of ranged combat at 3rd level a marksman scores a critical on a 19 or higher when making a ranged attack.

-Quick Draw

Beginning at 9th level a marksman is able to fire his weapon at the drop of a hat. They may draw a pistol as a free action and add their Wisdom modifier to Initiative.

-Taking Aim

At 13th level a marksman has perfected the art of lining up a shot. As long as they do not move more than half their speed in a given turn a marksman gains advantage on all ranged attack rolls.

-Head Shot

At 17th level only the quick can avoid a marksman’s aim. In addition to now scoring a critical on ranged attacks that roll an 18 or higher even normal hits have a chance to cause critical damage. If a target is hit by a ranged attack that is not already a critical they must succeed on a Dexterity save DC (8 + half proficiency bonus + Wisdom modifier) or that attack is treated as a critical. The marksman cannot move during their turn to gain this effect.