A Brief History of the World

The History of the World

Below is a brief history of the ages of the world after the time of the Elder Evils, and the Rending by the horrid Leviathan. Timekeeping in the world has now been dated from that event, using the nomer A.R. (After the Rend) as the scale.

The Rend (0 ar)

The Reaver (Leviathan) tore from the earth and rent the planet nearly in twain.

The Dark Millinium (0 ar – 1000 ar)

Consisted of tsunamis, earthquakes, erruptions and great upheavals of the earth, mass extinction for most of the life on the planet.

Many species of animals (and monsters) died, along with some races (like those from the Underdark). Almost all sea life was destroyed due to either the volcanic activity or from the massive decay of the Reaver. Streams of magic became contorted and broken, causing chaotic anomolies.

It was a time of struggle, terror, anarchy and survial.

The Age of Ascension (1000-1500 ar)

Humans, Dwarves and Orcs slowly flourished as they were the toughest at responding to these changes and/or fastest at re-populating. Other races grew less and less common, and became known as Archaic races. Humans, Dwarves, and Orcs—the Prominent—generally hated magic (mana), the Old Gods, and the Archaic races, because they blamed them for the Rend.

These races continued to cultivate new ways to live on the rent earth, built new civilizations and outlined borders. New countries were formed. The Archaic were ostracized, and went searching for unoccupied lands. Faith was found in kingships and rulers.

The Age of Rebirth – Cultivation of the Conclave of Tarj (1500-1600 ar)

A new being, Tarj the Wise, came from the ethers as a herald of enlightenment. He brought medicine, alchemy and technology, shunning the corrupt “Archaic” ways of the Old Gods. He came to help the Prominent, to lift them out of their desolate situations and protect them from the untamed Mana and Wilderland.
Unlike the Old Gods, He provided blessings and miracles, and proposed the Consumation of Verity.

The Age of Order (1600-2200 ar)

Churches of the Conclave of Tarj were established and many countries adopted their tennets as ruling law. Peace abounded.

The Age of Alchemy (2200-2800 ar)

Alchemic advances flourished. The knowledge Tarj shared combined with the greatest minds of the age led to huge advances in medicine, cleaner water and food, and improvement of living conditions.

The Age of Steam (2800-3022 ar)

Technology had been growing since 1000 ar, but new advances in steam power errupted. It became the central source of energy for everyday life, powering machinary, factories, and agriculture.

Current day (3022 ar)

A Brief History of the World

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