Domains of Iron: Legend of the Old Gods

Welcome to All!
It's FInally here!

We’re (read I’m) gearing up for the new campaign starting in September, and I’ve been busily working on the world. Pretty soon, you’ll see a world map that will have cities and hexes and such. I’m excited for this whole thing!

So just some preliminary information: We’ll be using the D&D 5e ruleset, modified to fit with elements of the Iron Kingdoms core rules. Our new story will take place 3000 years after the events of the Elder Evils, and everything is so very different. We live in a steam-punk type world with technologies based off of fantastical steam power. There are trains, flying machines, motor-cars, motor-bikes, airships, regular ships, and so much more!

Weapons get the usual treatment, but I will also be including weapons from the Iron Kingdoms, re-purposed to fit with D&D 5e.

As noted on the wiki, our first game is tentatively set for September 17 of this year. I hope to see you all there, and I look forward to working with you on your characters! Have a great rest of the summer!

DM Andrew

Scrambling to Lay the Tracks Down!
The Game-Train She is a-Coming!

Building, building, and more building! I’m ferociously laying the tracks down just ahead of the incoming train! We have our first session and game in two weeks_…_TWO WEEKS fun this past Monday! Whew! What a crazy last few months it’s been, but I’m confident you guys will like my world, and want to play endlessly in it…

Anyway, just a quick update: the first session isn’t actually a gaming session. It’s more of a meet-and-greet, instructional Q&As, resolving issues and concerns about the new system of D&D, creating and/or finalizing character builds, logistics, and scheduling. It’ll be fun, and we’ll schedule our next game out according to your guys’ schedules.

I look forward to it, and hope you’re having an awesome week! Keep strong, gamers! See you at the gaming table!

—DM Andrew

D&D 5E Character Sheet
Added to Front Page

Home Page

That link there will get you to a printable, and/or fillable character sheet. Enjoy! The train she is a-comin’, and I’ve only got a day’s hour o’ work to lay dem tracks down! Looking forward to a great start to a great game!

Piloting a Steam Mecha - Update
Managing and Regulating Heat in the Boiler

Steam Mecha


Check out under the heading “Managing the Boiler During Combat.” It has now detailed instructions on how to regulate and manage heat levels in the boilers of these huge mecha. Regulating heat is critical to the success and functionality of any steam mecha piloted by the PCs. Read carefully, and then come to the game on Monday (the 6th), with questions and confusions for me to resolve. Enjoy! I tried to be as clear and concise with how to operate these things as I could, so…hope it made as much sense to you as it did to me. See you all soon!

—DM Andrew

New Items of Interest Added

Well, gang, for your pleasure and entertainment, I created a list of items that I think your characters would enjoy having. Items range from wondrous and useful items to weapons of curious workmanship and caliber. I think you all are going to like them!

Now, these items are for you to pick for later on down the leveling up road. At that point, you’ll be able to choose up to four items total. More will come as you choose, and as inventory goes down from the choosing, but yeah. These items can be personally assigned to you for your convenience, and that will start a process of elimination that will allow me to then develop/add more new items for later. Click on the “Items” tab on the main page and have looksee. Enjoy!

—DM Andrew

Character Blocks Added
Edit Your Character Sheet

(Aaron’s Character)
(Mason’s Character)
(Jessi’s Character)
(Emily’s Character)

Yeah, just finished adding the cool characters for the rest of you. All you have to do is fill out your character sheet and give me a bio of what would fill a single page in Microsoft word (single-spaced, approx. 6-10 paragraphs).

—DM Andrew

New Monsters Added
A Whole Legion of New Monsters!

New Monsters

Just added a bunch of new monsters…I’ve got the page set to “DM View Only” simply because I like to keep things interesting and surprising for you guys! Really, just an update. Nothing to see here!

—DM Andrew

Guns 'n' Stuff


Here’s dem guns! Enjoy!

—DM Andrew

Armor and Equipment

Armor in the Steampunk World




—DM Andrew


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