Domains of Iron: Legend of the Old Gods

Welcome to All!

It's FInally here!

We’re (read I’m) gearing up for the new campaign starting in September, and I’ve been busily working on the world. Pretty soon, you’ll see a world map that will have cities and hexes and such. I’m excited for this whole thing!

So just some preliminary information: We’ll be using the D&D 5e ruleset, modified to fit with elements of the Iron Kingdoms core rules. Our new story will take place 3000 years after the events of the Elder Evils, and everything is so very different. We live in a steam-punk type world with technologies based off of fantastical steam power. There are trains, flying machines, motor-cars, motor-bikes, airships, regular ships, and so much more!

Weapons get the usual treatment, but I will also be including weapons from the Iron Kingdoms, re-purposed to fit with D&D 5e.

As noted on the wiki, our first game is tentatively set for September 17 of this year. I hope to see you all there, and I look forward to working with you on your characters! Have a great rest of the summer!

DM Andrew


VashtheStampede104 VashtheStampede104

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