Domains of Iron: Legend of the Old Gods

The Totem of Hateshiganai Pt. III

Domains of Iron

What a great session, guys! I really enjoyed it! You all roleplayed well, and combat was tough but excellent. Here’s a brief recap below:

Our heroes returned the young girl back to the swordsmith in the village of Somatsu, and everyone there now reveres our heroes! We ventured back into the forest, after some deliberation over the map that was found in the kenku camp. The map showed different shapes and symbols representing different areas. We first went to the triangle, which, to our relief, was an abandoned ambush site that the kenku had previously set up. We then retraced our steps back to the edge of the forest, and made our way via a vote to go to the area represented by the star. Once we got there, we suddenly found ourselves beginning to fall into a deep sleep. Before we fell completely asleep, however, we saw a strange creature with a elk’s head and a man’s body approach us, as well as others. It was too late for us to take any actions, as the drowsy sleepiness completely overtook us.

Upon waking, we found ourselves being escorted by the stranger in elk headdress (he was human, apparently), and lead deep into the forest. We found ourselves arriving at a strange and primitive looking village, populated and filled with villagers dressed in similar garb to our escort, whose name we found out was Kai. The name of the tribe, we also found out, was called Ruun. In the center of their village was an ancient coliseum in the center of which was a strange and seemingly out-of-place totem. From there, we were lead to the chief of the village, the wise Hiwa-ki. Once introduced, he spoke to us, and we conversed with him. We asked if our anthropologist James Davenport could study the tribe and their ways, and Hiwa-ki agreed only if we freed the other villages from the kenku scourge. At this point in time, the tribe of Ruun’s village is acting as a refugee camp to other villagers from surrounding areas who are affected by the kenku scourge. We agreed to help him, and set out to the first of the moon phase symbols on the map: the 3/4 phase moon.

We tried to enter the area stealthily, but some did not manage to do so. Rodrick purposefully made noise, and that brought a hailstorm of crossbow bolts into his chest, nearly killing him in one go. Suddenly, all chaos broke loose, and wild magic began to surge everywhere! Hikaru underwent a chaotic transformation where he turned into a large nine-tailed full kitsune, and raged across the battlefield! Kenku strove against our heroes mightily like dragons, and dealt hefty blows with their strange and evil magicks! Nevertheless, our heroes persisted and didn’t give up the fight, killing the majority of the kenku, and chasing off the remainder. Trident got in some murderous shots from her shotgun, killing a couple. Armella smashed another with her powerful mace! Alastair had the guts to engage one of the kenku in hand-to-hand combat! Nevertheless, our heroes were victorious overall, and now they are licking their wounds.

All was not totally well after the battle, however. Hikaru, still a raging kitsune, was uncontrollable, and Rodrick tried to gain control of the situation by transforming into Ruck, the orc. Ruby, having had enough of all of it, put her foot down and demanded that everyone calm down. Racking her shotgun, Trident approached both Ruck and a returned Hikaru, demanding answers. They could only tell her what they knew, and she nearly got in a fight with Azandar. Luckily, everyone calmed down, and the group continues to go forward!

Thanks for playing, guys! Look forward to our next game this coming Saturday, the 9th!

—DM Andrew


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