Domains of Iron: Legend of the Old Gods

The Totem of Hateshiganai Pt. II

The Domains of Iron

What a session, guys! You all roleplayed well, and did your parts to move the story forward.

Just as a recap of the session, here’s how it went:

We began where we left off on the airship and flew for another day or so and arrived at the island of Hateshiganai. We saw the main mountain that dominates this island, Mt. Towa. We also saw that there was a large fishing community along the coast. We finally made it to the hikojo, or nearest aeroport to the nearest town to where our destination lies: at the foot of Mt. Towa. Upon disembarking, Hikaru paid his respects at a local shrine. We all made our way on the road to the nearest town, and came across two very large snakes. Luckily, they weren’t interested in attacking us, but interested in just moving onward.

Eventually, we made our way to town, and came upon the village of Somatsu, where we began to explore and have a look around. A few of us made our way to the izakaya, or tavern, while others made their way to the minshuku, or inn. Rodrick made his way to the saibansho, or courthouse in town to see what was on the bulletin. Alastair began searching around town, starting a new investigation. Ruby, Armella, and James Davenport, our accompanying anthropologist, secured rooms for the night. Azandar made his way to the kenshi, or swordsmith, and asked for a special steel design to be made. A lot of waiting took place. Alastair met Akihiro, and began to ask about the history of the place. He learned that there have been disappearances in this area—one a young reclusive woman a year ago; two a village elder three months ago; and three a little boy a week ago. Trident elected to stay behind with the airship, and guard it. She was eventually attacked by snakes!! Eventually, everyone retired to bed for the evening.

The next morning, everyone made their way downstairs to breakfast. While we were yet in the midst of eating, suddenly the swordsmith came barging into the minshuku, and cried out that someone or something had kidnapped his daughter in the night. A huge investigation took place, and all the clues pointed to the northern Kurai forest, where strange bird-like creatures were kidnapping the villagers. We went into the forest a ways, and came upon a frightening scene: several of these bird-like creatures chanting and surrounding a cage with a young woman in it. We did battle with these creatures, known as Kenku, and found out quickly that they were dabbling into magic!! While we drastically thinned their numbers, they were clever and used their magic to hold us in place and confuse us. Two of our number however—Hikaru and Rodrick—were immune to the effects of the magic. After a fierce battle, and some mind tricks by Rodrick, we came out of the battle successful. The young woman was rescued, and we began to return to town. We interrogated one of the Kenku, and found out that the reclusive young woman who disappeared a year ago is now controlling the Kenku. What will our heroes do? How will they solve this dark riddle? And what of their original quest: to find the Totem of Hateshiganai? Will they locate it? Find out next time!

There’s our recap for the night! Hope it was helpful! I will try to do this after every game. Have a great Thanksgiving, guys!

—DM Andrew


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